martedì 3 marzo 2015

Move to a better place

It all started in November  2011, when they begin to be felt the first cold and the winter is coming .. we, a group of friends that meets every Friday to do some motorcycle ride through the city and surrounding area looking for something to put in your teeth and a cold beer ... Together around a table during a dinner, flashed the idea of ​​finding a place just for us, where in add to the usual meeting on Friday could also put his hand on our Motorcycles and why not create some project together .. So, was born the MAD3 Fucking kustom Garage, today's been almost four years, and after many run together, travel,  some project realized that we took away most of some satisfaction and a strong bond that has been created, we are ready for move to a place where we can create even more great things ... so a bit grudgingly, remind the best moments spent, I dedicate today's post to the small garage where it all started, looking to the evolution of this group of solid dude that love the old motorcycles and are not afraid to get their hands dirty!


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