martedì 12 novembre 2013

Last Summer!

Starts the rain season .. the bike rides under the warm summer air are just a memory ..
starts the lethargy locked in a garage, to brush up old  projects, put together new ideas ..
do something good something that we love!
The time to fix the little problems come up during the tours of a whole year ..
On the irons that are never too tired or too old and yet we carry around.
wrench a bike, drink some beers..
remember with a bit of sadness in heart, the tents on the lake shore, a fire, Friends,
laughter, too much whiskey, the hangover the next day that passes as put your ass on
the seat to reach the next destination.
this is the one I prefer that my summer passed around like a nomad in the sun,
one day you're at the seaside and the next day in the mountains.. with the sun still
in the head and the desire to move ... to go anywhere!