giovedì 11 marzo 2010

Dai che manca poco, impazienti di macinare ancora chilometri sotto al sole incontrare nuovamente vecchi amici e conoscerne di nuovi......

On the road again!!!

lunedì 8 marzo 2010

Just read on Volksrat's great Blogg that the Discovery Channel have finally Dropped these AssholesHALLE'..FKIN..'LUJAH.. about time .. no more shitty bikes in fancy dress.... When I was young riding a chop was a very different situation to nowadays…. The police wanted to bust you, skinheads wanted to fight you, posh girls wanted to fuck you and straight citzens looked at you with fear and loathing..... but never with eye contact….. bars and pubs had signs saying things like ‘no leathers’…… but because of Assholes like OCC, chops have now become a mainstream trendy fashion statement and everywhere you go people approach you with big grins on their faces asking stupid questions and telling you how great your ‘chopper’ is… i mean shit they even put indicators on the f'kin things nowadays, that aint a chop.... me I much prefer the days when people left you alone, thought you were one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalipse and just hoped you wouldn’t kidnap and rape their daughters……. Life was a lot simpler back then…
chops are meant to be ‘bad’, ‘evil', ‘dangerous’ and totally pointless…. Not fancy arsed f’kin fashion statements riden by people who don't know a spark plug from a golf ball….. …. I hope they go back to making fire escapes

and if it would just stop raining i'd be a lot happier.... winter is dragging out far too much.... right, i feel better for that little rant!!