martedì 4 novembre 2014


You ride one mile at a time. Sometimes to a specific destination other times just to feel the wind in your face and hear your motor like it was for the very first time. When you ride no matter who you are, there's a smile of ultimate joy that over takes. Some don't show it on the outside but you know on the inside they are in love with every single moment. It's that feeling of "I hope I make it home." The excitement of new smells and tastes that take over your senses, and the air you breath in that is so pure and clean. Your eyes wander to the different scenes of nature, wildlife and potholes that could in an instant kill you. You become intoxicated to the whole experience and want it more every single day. This addiction I have to the ride is something pure and I'm glad those who share this addiction know exactly what I am talking about and can agree "If I had to be addicted to one thing and one thing only, this, this right here, my motorcycle and the ride is exactly what I want to be addicted to forever, until it kills me." To live a life of adrenaline pumping chaos, to seek thrills and adventure on two wheels; to never know the outcome of your day is what we all long for. If the ride is a bottle, shit poor me the biggest glass you can cause I want to drink it forever..... 

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